One of the most popular services offered is our hedge Cutting in Bristol, as it helps you keep your privacy. Many gardens we have worked on in the Bristol and surrounding area have large perimeter hedges, they can need a fair amount of work but it is worth it as they are great for preventing your Bristol garden from being overlooked. We completely understand that they may be too much for you to deal with on your own, we will work with you to keep your outside space peaceful and private.

Hedges can often get a mind of there own and begin growing outwards, as well as just upwards, whatever shape they have taken on we can get them back inline. Our garden equipment includes short and long reach hedge cutters, and even extensions for extra large hedges. Professionally trained, we take hedge cutting seriously and aim to ensure a quality finish.

Looking to get your hedges cut? Contact us to discuss more.

Example of Hedge Cutting in Bristol by Bristol gardening company Bark and Gardens